Yes, we sell Authentic Pitbull Terriers.

We post their date of births on our Puppies page.

Count 6 weeks after their date of birth located on our Puppies page.

Yes, all dogs come with ADBA registration which is the premier registry for Authentic Pitbull’s as of now!

We spend a lot of time posting images and videos sent to us from customers (not just ours) showing how active their pups are.

Yes, we do.

$500 – $1,000 with the remaining balance due when the pup is ready to go at 6 weeks old.

$1,750 for Males and $2,000 for Females and up depending on the litter (as of 12/17/21).

First pick is the first pick of the litter male and female picked by the breeder or by the buyer which is always $300 more than normal price.

No, but your payment can be transferred to another litter if you communicate with us no more than 2 weeks after the pup is ready to go, for whatever reason you will have to postpone getting your pup.

No, the dog images will be available here on our website and video footage on our YouTube channel. An exception to the rule is in the case of you already having made your deposit or more for the pup then we will take a photo for you at our earliest convenience upon request.

Visit our Breeding’s page in 3 months to stay updated on our pup availability.

We like to keep things on a need-to-know basis especially if you are only purchasing one pup.

If a deposit is placed prior to the pups dropping we will notify all deposit holders for that specific litter (as always). If you haven’t placed a deposit, you WILL NOT receive a phone call.